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The Opening Ceremony of Huahu Battery Ancient Town Gate
发布时间: 2019-04-22 09:45:22 | 400 次浏览

Huahu Power Battery, the opening celebration of Guzhenmen Municipal Department, the opening is auspicious, the opening is red every day, good luck comes every day, March 15, 2019 9 9:58, Huahu Power Battery Guzhenmen Municipal opening celebration, fireworks, drums and music, let Xiaobian lead you, review the wonderful scene of the opening of the Municipal Market

Lucky lion

  It's my great honor to invite professional lion dance team to the store to help us to convey the prosperity of our business and the prosperity of our business! The sound of gongs and drums shocked the sky, and the scene was very lively. Thank you, Mr. Zhu Jinlin and Mr. Liu Linliu, the head of Hemen Municipal Department, for waking up the lion. The homonym of "gold" between eyes and gold, and the meaning of "turning stone into gold" in lion dancing.

  A little left eye implies that Jintan is full of spirit, a little right eye implies that Jintan is full of gold and jade, and a little heaven implies that Huahu Power Battery is in the top of the market and that Jinyu is full of gold and jade.

Passion dance

  Opening ceremony lets us get together and enjoy the joy brought by fate. Thank "Blue Moon Dance Troupe" for bringing us passion, joy, celebration, elegant dance posture. The vivid posture makes people memorize endlessly and indulge in the dance atmosphere.

many guests

  With the support and concern of leaders and guests, Huahu Power Battery has gone through seven years.

  Seven years of passion, we went through together; seven years of pioneering poetry, we wrote together; seven years of joy, anger and sorrow, we shared; seven years of hand in hand, across the road of Xiongguan。

  Thank you leaders and guests for your strong support and spare time in our busy schedule to attend our opening ceremony, so as to add luster to the ceremony site! With your support, Huahu Power Battery will surely have a bright future every day. Good luck will come every day, and a lot of money will come!
  Let's raise our glasses and celebrate the opening of Guzhenmen. We wish Huahu Power Battery a bright future for the whole world!
retail sales
  Ancient Town Gate market brick by brick, grass by tree, antique decoration style, can be perfectly presented in front of us today, the landing of ancient town gate market, can not be separated from the beauty of the market, behind the scenes quietly planning and paying, to the execution of super strong and earnestly paid 100 praises to the beauty!
  At the same time, thank you very much for your assistance. I believe that under the leadership of General Zhu Jinlin, General Zhu, General Huang Zhongyong and General Liu Huliu, we will unite and forge ahead and be brave in exploring, and will surely create greater and more brilliant achievements.