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Service policy

Service policy

1、After-sales Hotline Service
Hotline service
Communicate feedback with pre-sale and after-sale teams through telephone hotlines to carefully answer your doubts.
Technical support
With professional and technical personnel, keep in touch with you for a long time, any problems can be solved as soon as possible.
R&D personnel support
If you encounter technical problems, you can apply for R&D engineers to assist in the whole process until the customer is satisfied with the service.

2、Field service
Site installation
During the installation of the product, the technical service team can go to the site to complete the installation and commissioning of the service.
Operation and maintenance
If the product fails, the technical team can respond quickly 24 hours and solve the problem efficiently on site.

3、Training service

Technicians come to provide professional product-related knowledge training. The training target includes but is not limited to: our customers, partners, engineers, distributors, partners, national sales agents.

4、Quality assurance service

The product has a five-year warranty.

There are problems in the products in a short period of time. We should adopt a bad after-sales policy. Every fire and explosion costs 5,000 yuan.